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Ricardo is excited to announce the grand opening of his new office at Serenity Med Spa, located at 208 Wall Street; Piedmont, SC 29673. He offers 75 Minute Integrative Orthopedic Massage Therapy sessions at this location, priced at $100. Office hours vary Monday - Friday, and all sessions are by appointment only.

Your therapeutic massage will begin with a brief consultation regarding your general health, problem conditions, and desired results, which, combined with a physical assessment, will be used to create a session customized to meet your specific needs. All sessions include aromatherapy and are performed on the Body Support System, as described below. During your session you will be professionally draped at all times to keep you comfortable and secure. Feel free to close your eyes and relax, provide feedback, or ask questions at any time. Following your session, remedial exercises and/or stretches are often suggested.

The Body Support System is a high-tech, high-quality orthopedic body positioning device that can be utilized in prone, supine, and side-lying positions. Advantages of the Body Support System include:  

  • Supports the body without creating pressure
  • Relaxes muscles, maximizing access and range of motion
  • Decompresses the spine, relieving back pain
  • Adjusts to all body types and sizes, including pregnancy

Ricardo also offers customized Integrative Orthopedic Massage Therapy sessions on-site, in the comfort of your home or vacation rental, by appointment only. Rates vary based upon session length and location. Please call for details.

Gift certificates and packages are available. 

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